Honda K20A2/Z3 9.1:1 (Turbo) Build For Sale

Honda K20A2/Z3 9.1:1 (Turbo) Build For Sale

Hey Honda-powered People,

At long last I’m selling my k20a2 block+k20z3 head long block, built by Rich Olivier of TEM Performance Machine Shop in 2017. TEM specializes in race builds. Solid rep. Check them out.

Build overview:

    • 9.1:1 ceramic coated pistons
    • Supertech dished race valves and springs ( “super combo”)
    • Supertech block guard
    • Ceramic coated CP pistons
    • Pauter rods – I beam design reduces windage. More common to Porsche race builds.
    • APR head studs
    • Cometic head gasket
    • Toda Heavy Duty Timing Chain
    • Circuit Hero Timing Chain Guide
    • Skunk2 Billet Timing Chain Cover
    • OEM oil pan with 4piston baffle (to install)
    • OEM crank, sleeves and cams
  • Out she came... Needs a new loving home.

I ran it with 12-14 pounds of boost for 340 whp with a tune by AJ (IG post on dyno new tab) Performance In-Frame Tuning (opens PIT website new tab). Rich once said the build “will take whatever you throw at it”. But of course we all know running I wanted to run safe with lower boost. But if you know these engines you know what they can do.

I put under 7k miles on this build. I drove SF North Bay Area, peninsula backroads and along the coast some weekends. And ran four track days in group 4 with NASA. Mild, non-competitive fun. Ran like a top. Crazy fun – especially in a car weighing about 2100 pounds.

$3,999. OBO. Half the cost of same as new build. 

I’ve looked at the usual market places and forums and I don’t think you’ll find a better turbo-ready build at this price point. If you do, show me

Email to schedule a call. 



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