Honda K20 Elise Build Overview

Here is a list of essential components of this build (not comprehensive):

  • Honda k20z3 from 2006 Civic Si (used, 37k mi)
  • Innovative Mounts engine mounts, axles, shift linkage adapter
  • Garret GT30R turbocharger
  • DMC liquid to air intercooler
  • Hondata K-Pro ECU
  • Lotus wiring harness adapted by Rich Werks (Rich5150) with more adaptations by Enginetiks (Casey)
  • Injector Dynamics 1k cc fuel injectors
  • BOE Fuel Surge Tank
  • Innovative Mounts fuel rail
  • 2004 Honda RSX six speed transmission
  • Quaife LSD
  • Exedy stage 2 clutch and lightened flywheel
  • Hondata dash adapter
  • K-tuned coolant filler neck

Most all else is stock/OEM i.e internals, throttle body, etc.

Custom fabrication by Enginetiks:

  • Turbo exhaust manifold
  • Ported head
  • Exhaust with Borla muffler
  • Breather box
  • Extensive ECU wiring
  • Innumerable details of preparation, planning, removing (i.e. 2zz engine), acquiring, routing, adapting, mounting, fastening, welding, connecting… all done knowingly and deliberately, often fabricated using tools Casey fabricated.

Not listed here are numerous pipes/flanges/hoses/connectors/clamps/fasteners/adapters etc. etc.

Also not otherwise mentioned are the many hours of research and many miles driven by a number of people to get, modify, and deliver parts. To say nothing of the miles driven to and from the project, hotel stays, or ancillary and supporting efforts i.e. moving shop.

My grandfather liked to cite Edison’s axiom that “success is ten percent inspiration, ninety percent perspiration.” I would say my contribution to this project about ten percent, sub-divided in to stubbornness, curiosity, love of a dream, and vision, and of course some cash.

This Honda turbo Elise is not only inspired by Casey it is rolling homage to his skill and patience (especially with me). It wouldn’t be possible without him.

There are things to finish and repair to consider the project finished, yet. Not least is engine tuning. I hope it is finished someday Or do I?

k20 elise turbo build

4 thoughts on “Honda K20 Elise Build Overview

  1. I found this page (“k20 elise build overview”) randomly–ie, without links–so i don’t know your name. I am Don, am (also) putting a k20a JDM civic sir into my ’07 elise s2. I am using a certified Acura Master Mechanic mechanic in Scottsdale (ritzy Phoenix) i have long known. In fact, he put a Garret turbo/intercooler into my ’03 (9krpm) honda s2000. I still own it, but it’s not as much fun to drive as the lotus was (with 2zz), except when a Vette or Porche wants to show off. It has custom 3″ headers/pipes from the exhaust port out the tail pipe. I have to warn you, tho, it produces a LOT of heat that wasn’t there before. I should also tell you, this was done in June, 2012, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has broken in the car (not so with the custom header, which needed a weld filled, but was no problem: mig not tig) since then. It’s still a honda. I had Chris (the mechanic) lean toward reliability, but we also used hondata, which means you MUST tune the car on a dyno (if lotus/hondata is like honda/hondata), and we got 312.4 whp (see attached pdf) with like 9#. Don’t quite remember how much boost, but reduced some from what was available.
    We are also using Innovative xaxle linkage, but unlike you we never knew before we got it (7 days ago) what tranny we have, so if you ordered linkage for YOUR transaxle in particular, that answers our question. On the other hand, if you had to do any adapting of the linkage at the xaxle, we wonder if we can pick your brain some about it. Right now, Chris is concentrating on setting the engine up, so there’s no hurry at all. But i am expecting the new linkage to be more snik-snik than stock S2 is.
    I was at first worried about FD ratios, but learned the siR (JDM 2003-5?) has a slightly lower ratio (like 4.7x honda 4.6x lotus), but the lotus has substantially larger-diameter tires, and honda motors just flat fkng rev tighter. (Given engine:weight–not to mention stock wt distribution–the lotus should beat a stock k20 s2000 in a straight line, but it won’t come close.)
    In fact, your biggest problem may be your elise becomes SO much faster that you get into trouble before you learn the car. That’s what i would fear, but i am 68, so it will take me longer, assuming you’re lots younger.
    Peace, best of luck, and I hope your car is as much fun for you as it sounds.
    Wait, i haven’t yet found a way to include the pdf (turbo boost charts) file (not ready to code it in html); hopefully will finger it out soon.

    1. Thanks for the post, Don. Great project you have there! Yes, took my time getting used to the car knowing balance and power would be an entirely different story. Sorry I’ve been offline since breaking a rod last Oct.

      1. Thank you for your response; i’ve been offline also, and we are now trying to get the k20a ecu and the lotus ecu talking to each other (we are having smaller issues with the throttle linkage, and haven’t yet put any serious load on the motor mounts). I noted you have a web site, so i expect you will hear from my son Chris, who used to be master acura mechanic. I am a retired computer-systems engineer, so i may be able to provide some input, but I’m confident Chris would like to contact you or one of your team about the computer interface. I am contacting you because the Hondata person who did the s2000 tune hasn’t yet responded to Chris’ inquiries, which *may* be because he doesn’t know the interface either. I noted you said “extensive computer rewiring”; hopefully, you and your team can gain from helping us. Take care.

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