Honda K20A2/Z3 9.1:1 (Turbo) Build For Sale

Hey Honda-powered People, At long last I’m selling my k20a2 block+k20z3 head long block, built by Rich Olivier of TEM Performance Machine Shop in 2017. TEM specializes in race builds. Solid rep. Check them out. Build overview: 9.1:1 ceramic coated pistons Supertech dished race valves and springs (jhpusa.com “super combo”) Supertech block guard Ceramic coated CP pistons […] Continued »

Honda K20 Elise Build Overview

Here is a list of essential components of this build (not comprehensive): Honda k20z3 from 2006 Civic Si (used, 37k mi) Innovative Mounts engine mounts, axles, shift linkage adapter Garret GT30R turbocharger DMC liquid to air intercooler Hondata K-Pro ECU Lotus wiring harness adapted by Rich Werks (Rich5150) with more adaptations by Enginetiks (Casey) Injector […] Continued »

Final Straight!

At long last the final draft before rolling it out on to beautiful black tarmac! Continued »

It's Alive!

First started yesterday: Purrs. Continued »


Glacial as it can sometimes seem, it is progressing: Remaining: Fuel lines Throttle bracket Fuel pump mount Ignition feed Water pump relay Breather Air filter Dash converter (Hondata: #6) 4″ hose clamp Reverse lockout Fluids… etc. Continued »


Enginetiks a.k.a. Engtuning has closed its doors for business. The Lotus Honda swap project is moved to an undisclosed location for completion. An era ends. 2009-2014. Rest. Peace. And yet… endings large and small, for all of their time-bending melancholy, or at least pause, so long as we can feel it at all, hold out […] Continued »

Lotus History Videos

A carefully curated collection of videos about the history of Lotus and the 111 chassis, for your edification: Continued »

Engine Compartment Shield

Cleaned up the engine bay today: Thermo-tec acoustical / heat mat. Truthfully, it isn’t my ideal. I’d love a charcoal color that isn’t so wrinkled. Yet I don’t care for the common yet over-priced gold, race-evoking or not. Honda Motor Co. Logo ca. 1964: Continued »

Honda-powered Lotus Videos

I personally curate this collection of Honda-powered Lotus videos for my own and now your enjoyment: Mostly, it’s what helps me through this build, to remind me why, and feed my need… if only as a tease (sometimes excruciating)! Continued »

Air Traffic Control

Fabrication for air traffic (direction, pressure, velocity, temperature/density) control is currently progressing very nicely! Continued »

Manifold Destiny: This Changes Everything

When Colin Chapman famously said “Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere”, he was racing 400 horsepower, 1000lb F1 cars, in 1963. (Similar power-to-weight as the 2013 Arial Atom V8.) In this context his statement can be understood as a strategy for winning through faster cornering. Based on […] Continued »


The history of Lotus is inseparable from the history of Grand Prix, which became Formula One. The Lotus logo still bears the initials of its creator, Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman. When British racing car builders typically gave their designs their own name e.g. Cooper, Brabham, McLaren, etc., Chapman named his company Lotus Engineering Co. Why […] Continued »


A fiercely independent and sometimes rebellious teenager without formal mechanical training, but an abundance of talent, curiosity, and drive, left his village under Mount Fuji to find work in the big city as a mechanic. The year was 1921. He found an apprenticeship at an auto shop, and by age 22, he opened his own […] Continued »

Pulling The Toyota/Yamaha 2ZZ-GE

I’m not a mechanic and I could not do this myself. The most automotive maintenance I’d done was tune-ups and break pad replacements. And that was back in the ’80’s. This project is only possible because of my luck in meeting the team at Enginetiks. This is a unique project in a number of respects, […] Continued »


After some months (about 4 or 5k miles) I finally found a used Greddy supercharger/Katana mounting kit, on lotustalk. It arrived somewhat disheveled, but serviceable. A good friend–actually, good mechanic and a great friend–did the Lion’s share of the install in his garage. The effects were immediate, and inspiring. It didn’t take long to get […] Continued »

The 2005 Elise

My Bordeaux Red 2005 Lotus Elise arrived in March of 2012. Stock, save for Bilstein Track Pack shocks (used) BOE toe links New A-arm bushings Braded oil lines/connectors Such a wonderful car to drive. All of the things a Lotus is known for and ‘should’ be: light, nimble, “spirited”, and precise. A extremely distinct-feeling car. A […] Continued »

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  1. Hey would love to hear how this is going. I live in the UK and want to attempt a k20 gt30 type conversion.

    I have a k20 but want more power. The rotrex seem to brake and roots not enough power.

    Would love you to join my Facebook group “Honda Elise k20”

  2. Interested to know if anyone has installed AC on a Honda powered 2006 Lotus Elise with a JDM K20a Type R Engine

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